Samstag, 20. Mai 2017


What is beauty ?

In the year of 2017 there is a clear picture of what the word "beauty" means.
With all the Supermodels and Popstars who are shown in the media, people feel like there are unreachable beauty standarts. You are only beautiful if you are size zero, you are only beautiful if you put alot of make up on, you are only beautiful because of what you wear  and you are only beautiful because of your look.
But there is so much more to the word "beauty" than just the look and even that is not necesarrily beauty.
I personally think, when you go back to the spelling "Love at first sight" the outer appearance takes a place in the word beauty. When you see someone for the first time it kinda is about the look for a little bit because what you see makes you decide if you are interested to get to know the person or not. So you can't really cross the outer appearance out.
But the look just takes in a small amount in the word beauty, at least in my oppinion.
There is so much more that makes someone beautiful.
For me I find someone beautiful who knows what he/she wants, who has a goal in life and who is also confident enough to try and reach that goal and doesn't hide from it. I find someone beautiful who can accept him-/herself, someone who is happy and satisfied. I find someone beautiful who is clever and stands up for him/herself.
But mostly I think you can be beautiful from indside. The inner beauty takes a really big amount of the word "beauty" itself. If someone is a really good and caring person, who is selfless and never tired of helping others, that is for me the most accurate description of the word beauty, even if  you have to know that all of those things in combination define the word beauty for me.

You have no reason to be insecure about yourself and ask youself if you are beautiful. You are beautiful. Beauty comes in so many ways! Try to find your own definition of beauty despite the common beauty standarts.
Don't let our society make you loose your belief in your own beauty.

Mittwoch, 22. März 2017

Why no one talks about worries!


That's what we all think basically everyday.
We run our day try beeing as perfect and succesful as we can facing 1 million problems meanwhile. But why are there so many problems?

These problems are only caused by worries we have while trying to be so succesful and perfect. We come up with the worst case szenarios and think about all the things that COULD go wrong while we start finding Plan B's for all of those szenarios.
We see problems that are not even there...

But we do not only do that in our job or in school. Most often we see 1 million problems with people around us. Analysing every little situation and sometimes even cause problems because of our worries.
We let our mood get controlled by our mind, by our worries.
Sometimes we get so cought up in worries that we get sad or desperate and do not know how it ever should get better.

Our generation is influenced by beauty and society ideals which make you worry even more and which make you feel imperfect and not good enough.


That's what we thought about basically all day long.
When we were kids we were worrying about so many things. We were worrying if we could play with our best friend this day. We were worrying if there would be spinach for lunch. We were worrying if we get the toys we wished for on our birthdays.

Lets all go back to those worries we had back then.
Enjoy the little things.
Try to see the positive things in life and try not to be controlled by your worries.
Dont let the worries and insecurities change you as a person.
You are good the way you are!
Do you!
...with all the mistakes.
The problems can wait!!!

Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2016

What the world would be like if christmas didn't exist

Today is the first day of december. How special was it for you ?

I did not even think about beeing only 23 days away from christmas.
In the past three years I realised how you care less and less about the christmas time, which actually is the most peaceful, most reflective and most beautiful time of the year.

When I was a child I couln'd wait for christmas to come! I was so excited that Santa was gonna come and you always had this magical feeling only thinking about christmas.
But where did this feeling go ?

With having more and more stuff to do and more and more stuff to think about you put christmas in a second-rate position.
But so many people ,including me , sometimes forget, what christmas actually stands for.

It is not about the presents or the food.

It is about coming together, about the feeling of hope and it should make us think of what we are thankful for and what we have.

I had to think about this so hard today cause it is another year full of homework, exams and essays.

What would happen if we just forget about christmas and just stop celebrating christmas?!
For me the world has gotten a really tough place .Without this  one day of peace, harmony and love, we would'nt have a day to wait and hope for...
Christmas reunites one nation and makes most of us care for the same thing.
Without chrismtas we might be unable to see our family because they would't have time and maybe would't have the will to come visit.

Especially since my grandma passed away this year, it is even more important for me to be around my family and closest friends on and around christmas, because you never know whats gonna happen next year and who is gonna be there with you still....

Let us come back to the peaceful, reflective and just beautiful time of the year and be thankful for the family around us, for the support we are having and for this one peaceful day that is filled with so much hope!!!

Let us just enjoy this happy and peaceful day.


Sonntag, 6. November 2016

Why travel is the secret ingedient...

You prepare dinner for your family.
You taste it.
But wait....there is someting missing...
Something does not feel right here. You don't have this fullfilling feeling ....this one feeling that makes you feel complete.
There is one magical ingredient missing that provides that feeling.This one ingredient that makes the meal worth it!

But we don't only need such an ingredient for food, we also need this one ingredient in our life's.To feel complete.

This one ingredient is called "travel"

You live in your own bubble.
You go to school/work , you have your friends, you have your culture, you have your religion and you have your family.
When you watch TV or listen to the radio you see/here, what the world apparently looks like and you get impressions of other cultures, other religions, other families, without even knowing if this even applies to the reality.
And you get this feeling.....something is missing...something does not feel complete. You reask yourself....Do I really know how the world works?

And then the curiosity takes the override and makes you find the magical ingredient.

You start going places, you start getting to know other cultures, other life styles, other religions, other food, other families and you realise how little you knew about the world.
You realise that travelling makes you feel complete, makes you feel happy and makes you feel satisfied.

For me ...travelling has given me so much much input ....and it made me so much richer of knowledge I would never have without it.
I was over thinking my bubble I was living in and I realised that it popped because I had expanded my horizon and that I can't reduce it on a little bubble anymore.
I saw new places around the world.
I've met so many new and interesting people from all over the world, all with diffrent languages, diffrent cultures and diffrent families.
I do not only have one family anymore.
But most importantly I felt this amazing magical feeling....and the desire to see more and to feel more of that feeling.
I get to say that I do not only have home anymore.
Home is wherever you have people that you love.
So my home is the world.

The ingredient makes life worth it!

“Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.” – Ray Bradbury

Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2016

6 reasons why oceans are better than peanut butter on pancakes

Peanut butter on pancakes.
Who doesn't like this really tempting taste in his mouth after eating a bite from the worlds most delicious sweet breakfast ever.
The soft melting peanut butter on the still warm fluffy pancake...
We experience this satisfying happy little moment while eating this amazing pancake.
But there are things that even the best pancake with peanut butter can't accomplish.

Oceans can satisfy you in multiple ways with this knowledge:

- The salty water of the ocean can heal wounds

- The sound of the breaking waves can calm you down and relax you

-The clear air makes it so easy to breath and is so good for you

- You can swim in a total naturally produced water area

- The ocean protects so many of our precious sea creatures

-Without te ocean many of our every day used food items wound'nt be here without our transport way "the ocean"

So the ocean can't only satisfy you for one single happy moment which on the other hand it kinda does especially if you are on vacation at the beach.
But if you think about it, the ocean infects our daily life and is import for us, the animals, plants and the earth itself.


Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2016

Shadows of your past

I'm good

Our generation is  influenced by perfection.

Perfection comes in many ways.
In clothes, cars, people you are around with, living areas, your society status but most often in your character.
We pretend that our lifes are awesome and that we can stand everything no matter what and smile our past, filled with mistakes, away.
But our past is present.
We live in our here and now bubble and and try to run our day as succesful and happy as we can until flashes of our past cut into this bubble.

We see this café where we used to sit and drink coffee with our best friend talking about guys, clothes and other girls. We get this warm feeling of memories from good old happy we were back then with this one awesome person that we wanted to be friends with forever. 

We see this movie that we were watching with our ex and we realise how welcomed and apprecciated we felt in the arms of our loved ones.
But with all those good memories comes the bitter sweet taste of knowing that this realtionship/friendship does not longer exist. You think about all the fights you had and all the mistakes that you have done but also the mistakes the other one has done.
A mixture of sadness, madness and the blame comes into your mind.
You think : "Maybe we could have figured it out, we could have talked about our mistakes. Maybe I could have done this and this to save this relationship"

But why do we still think about what went wrong if its already in the past?!

We can't let this relationship, that was so pure and good, go.  

We wish we could turn back the time to remove the mistakes we've made and to fix our past so that we still would have this amazing person in our lifes.
We still catch ourselves thinking about what we could have done diffrent even if its already done.

I'm good

We pretend that our lifes are awesome and that we can stand everything no matter what and smile our past, filled with mistakes, away.

But we all have this package filled with mistakes and bad memories that we have to carry in our daily life.

We should not only focus on our past and the lost friendships and relationships we have but also in our present.

We should try to focus on what we have now, the realtionships we've grown  that make us as equally happy as the relationships back then. We can built new good memories with new good people still learning from our mistakes from the past.
Be thankful for the mistakes you have done before, since you can learn from them and do it better this time!
We will never forget this bitter sweet taste of old memories from good old times but with those we can make the present better. They will help us, figuring ourselves out as a person.

Our generation is influenced by perfection.

Perfect imperfection.

no one is perfect

Sonntag, 25. September 2016

Lost in the woods

This weekend i took the time to go outside and see what the nature has given me .
Basically no one sees this beauty anymore since no one has time to take a walk because of beeing busy writing an article or doing dishes or cleaning.There is always a reason why you can't go outside.
Sometimes I am lazy to go outside, too since you are on the run basically 24/7. If you actually take the time to  look what mother nature gives us than you gonna be surprised.

Today my friend Michelle and me were passing by this amazing purple flower field.
It was popping up so much that we basically had to stop !
We had to park kinda far away so we had to walk through a little forest to get to the flower field.
The forest did not really have a path so we were walking through it without really knowing where we're gonna come out.
Finally we saw an end but as soon as we reached it we realised that we came out on a big field......NOT THE FLOWER FIELD THOUGH  We walked through the dirt and realised  while after that we also could have walked through the forest.... just in the other direction. So we walked back into the forest, walked in the other direction and figured out a way to the flower field.

It was a pretty chaotic walk but at the end we figured out the way and got to see such beautiful flowers and also really interesting trees in the forest.
It was an adventure.

But it was defenely worth it!!!

Sonntag, 18. September 2016

Clear your mind of !

Weeks and weeks past by and got super busy with school! Since August 4th I am at a new school to become a social asistant...its kinda like a lower level pre school teacher. Since I've started there I have like 1 million things running through my mind everyday:

Have I done all my homework?
Have I written all the essays I needed to write?
Have I finished my presentation?
Did I think about what I'm gonna do in pre school next week?

On and on we go...
I feel like a maschine.Just working and working all day long.Even if I am not doing homework or working on my presentation my thoughts are always there. It's like not getting rid of it properly!
It makes me being stressed out 24/7.

Am I the only one feeling like this ?!

Being so into whatever you are doing just shows you how much effort you put into that! How much it means to you and your inner peace!You just wanna get the best out of it and you get so confused by people around you talking about how they worked it out. You feel so insecure all the sudden.
You wanna put even more effort into your work since you realise that other people worked longer or harder for the same thing.
But when you reach that point, when you start comparing youself to others....everything gets so much harder cause you wanna work better, harder, longer.

But how do we get our inner peace back?

Its so important to take time!
To know that you have done the best YOU can do and not other people.
You need to be satisfied with what you have reached.

We all need to try to stop comparing to others and with wanting to be perfect with what we do!
We all need to take time for ourselfs! To just see what WE need for us in some moments!

We all need to take breaks from work ...not only physically but most importantly mentaly!

Do something that makes you happy or keeps your thoughts away from work

Go to the movies
Take a nice long walk
Spent time with your family and friends
Go swimming

There are so many more things to do,
Just find one that takes you and your mind in an other world for a while!


Wochen sind ins Land gezogen und ich bin richtig busy geworden mit Schule. Seit dem 4. August bin ich in einer neuen Schule, um Sozialassistentin zu werden ... das ist sozusagen die Vorstufe zum Erzieher.Seit ich dort angefangen habe, habe ich 1 Million Dinge, die mir durch den Kopf gehen :

Habe ich alle meine Hausaufgaben gemacht?
Habe ich alle Aufsätze geschrieben, die ich schreiben musste?
Habe ich alle Referate vorbereitet?
Habe ich das Angebot für nächste Woche vorbereitet?

So geht es dann immer weiter...
Ich fühle mich wie eine Maschine.Nur arbeiten und arbeiten den ganzen Tag lang .Auch wenn ich nicht Hausaufgaben mache oder an meinen Referaten arbeite, sind meine Gedanken immer da.Man kann es irgendwie nicht richtig loslassen.

Bin ich die einzige, die so fühlt?!

All das, was ihr tut, um eure Ziele zu erreichen und was ihr dafür in Kauf nehmt, zeigt euch nur wieviel es euch und eurem inneren Frieden bedeutet!MAn möchte das beste daraus machen, wird aber von den Mitmenschen nur noch mehr verwirrt, weil sie drüber reden, wie sie die Hausaufgaben gemacht haben, wie sie das Referat gestaltet haben und man fühlt sich auf einmal soooo unsicher!
Man möchte noch härter, länger und besser arbeiten, um das zu erreichen, was die anderen angeblich schon geschafft haben.

Aber wenn du erstmal den Punkt erreicht hast, indem du dich kontinuierlich mit deinen Mitmenschen vergleichst, hörst du nicht mehr auf dir über deine Arbeit Gedanken zu machen und nimmst sie überall hin mit!

Aber wie kommen wir unseren inneren Frieden zurück?

Es ist so wichtig, sich Zeit zu nehmen!
Zu wissen, dass du das Beste getan hast, was DU konntest und nicht was andere Menschen vielleicht getan hätten.
Es ist wichtig, dass man erkennt, stolz darauf zu sein, was man erreicht hat.

Wir alle müssen versuchen, aufzuhören ,uns mit anderen zu vergleichen und uns nicht mehr wünschen perfekt zu sein mit dem , was wir tun.

Wir alle brauchen Zeit für uns selbst!Um zu erkennen, was für uns, in diesem einen Augenblick wichtig ist.
Wir alle müssen Auszeiten von der Arbeit nehmen... nicht nur körperlich, sondern vor allem menatl!

Macht etwas, dass euch glücklich macht und euch eure Arbeit vergessen lässt.

Ins Kino gehen
Macht einen schönen langen Spaziergang
Verbringt Zeit mit Familie und Freunden
Geht schwimmen

Es gibt so viele andere Dinge zu tun.

Ihr müsst nur eine Sache finden, die euch eine kleine Weile in eine andere Welt schickt!