Sonntag, 25. September 2016

Lost in the woods

This weekend i took the time to go outside and see what the nature has given me .
Basically no one sees this beauty anymore since no one has time to take a walk because of beeing busy writing an article or doing dishes or cleaning.There is always a reason why you can't go outside.
Sometimes I am lazy to go outside, too since you are on the run basically 24/7. If you actually take the time to  look what mother nature gives us than you gonna be surprised.

Today my friend Michelle and me were passing by this amazing purple flower field.
It was popping up so much that we basically had to stop !
We had to park kinda far away so we had to walk through a little forest to get to the flower field.
The forest did not really have a path so we were walking through it without really knowing where we're gonna come out.
Finally we saw an end but as soon as we reached it we realised that we came out on a big field......NOT THE FLOWER FIELD THOUGH  We walked through the dirt and realised  while after that we also could have walked through the forest.... just in the other direction. So we walked back into the forest, walked in the other direction and figured out a way to the flower field.

It was a pretty chaotic walk but at the end we figured out the way and got to see such beautiful flowers and also really interesting trees in the forest.
It was an adventure.

But it was defenely worth it!!!

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  1. Die Bilder sind voll schön geworden :-) ich denke, dass man viel mehr rausgehen sollte und einfach die Natur bewundern und genießen sollte. Der Text ist schön geschrieben ;)