Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2016

Shadows of your past

I'm good

Our generation is  influenced by perfection.

Perfection comes in many ways.
In clothes, cars, people you are around with, living areas, your society status but most often in your character.
We pretend that our lifes are awesome and that we can stand everything no matter what and smile our past, filled with mistakes, away.
But our past is present.
We live in our here and now bubble and and try to run our day as succesful and happy as we can until flashes of our past cut into this bubble.

We see this café where we used to sit and drink coffee with our best friend talking about guys, clothes and other girls. We get this warm feeling of memories from good old times...how happy we were back then with this one awesome person that we wanted to be friends with forever. 

We see this movie that we were watching with our ex and we realise how welcomed and apprecciated we felt in the arms of our loved ones.
But with all those good memories comes the bitter sweet taste of knowing that this realtionship/friendship does not longer exist. You think about all the fights you had and all the mistakes that you have done but also the mistakes the other one has done.
A mixture of sadness, madness and the blame comes into your mind.
You think : "Maybe we could have figured it out, we could have talked about our mistakes. Maybe I could have done this and this to save this relationship"

But why do we still think about what went wrong if its already in the past?!

We can't let this relationship, that was so pure and good, go.  

We wish we could turn back the time to remove the mistakes we've made and to fix our past so that we still would have this amazing person in our lifes.
We still catch ourselves thinking about what we could have done diffrent even if its already done.

I'm good

We pretend that our lifes are awesome and that we can stand everything no matter what and smile our past, filled with mistakes, away.

But we all have this package filled with mistakes and bad memories that we have to carry in our daily life.

We should not only focus on our past and the lost friendships and relationships we have but also in our present.

We should try to focus on what we have now, the realtionships we've grown  that make us as equally happy as the relationships back then. We can built new good memories with new good people still learning from our mistakes from the past.
Be thankful for the mistakes you have done before, since you can learn from them and do it better this time!
We will never forget this bitter sweet taste of old memories from good old times but with those we can make the present better. They will help us, figuring ourselves out as a person.

Our generation is influenced by perfection.

Perfect imperfection.

no one is perfect


  1. Hey, dein Text hat mich sehr berührt. Es ist so wahr,was du alles schreibst. Es ist wirklich schwierig seine alten Erinnerungen loszulassen. Man sollte viel mehr zu schätzen wissen, was man hat. Man lernt immer überall neue Leute kennen, wenn man sich nur dafür öffnet ♡ Mach weiter so :)

  2. I don't think something like perfection even exists. What's perfection anyways? Where does it come from and who is eligible to define the term perfection?
    There is no way one can generalize it but I do believe that anyone's behavior is able to show us that their personality is ugly or beautiful.
    Sometimes it's better to let go, it's better to move on and not let the negative people define your happiness.

    Nice post, keep it up!