Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2016

What the world would be like if christmas didn't exist

Today is the first day of december. How special was it for you ?

I did not even think about beeing only 23 days away from christmas.
In the past three years I realised how you care less and less about the christmas time, which actually is the most peaceful, most reflective and most beautiful time of the year.

When I was a child I couln'd wait for christmas to come! I was so excited that Santa was gonna come and you always had this magical feeling only thinking about christmas.
But where did this feeling go ?

With having more and more stuff to do and more and more stuff to think about you put christmas in a second-rate position.
But so many people ,including me , sometimes forget, what christmas actually stands for.

It is not about the presents or the food.

It is about coming together, about the feeling of hope and it should make us think of what we are thankful for and what we have.

I had to think about this so hard today cause it is another year full of homework, exams and essays.

What would happen if we just forget about christmas and just stop celebrating christmas?!
For me the world has gotten a really tough place .Without this  one day of peace, harmony and love, we would'nt have a day to wait and hope for...
Christmas reunites one nation and makes most of us care for the same thing.
Without chrismtas we might be unable to see our family because they would't have time and maybe would't have the will to come visit.

Especially since my grandma passed away this year, it is even more important for me to be around my family and closest friends on and around christmas, because you never know whats gonna happen next year and who is gonna be there with you still....

Let us come back to the peaceful, reflective and just beautiful time of the year and be thankful for the family around us, for the support we are having and for this one peaceful day that is filled with so much hope!!!

Let us just enjoy this happy and peaceful day.


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