Mittwoch, 22. März 2017

Why no one talks about worries!


That's what we all think basically everyday.
We run our day try beeing as perfect and succesful as we can facing 1 million problems meanwhile. But why are there so many problems?

These problems are only caused by worries we have while trying to be so succesful and perfect. We come up with the worst case szenarios and think about all the things that COULD go wrong while we start finding Plan B's for all of those szenarios.
We see problems that are not even there...

But we do not only do that in our job or in school. Most often we see 1 million problems with people around us. Analysing every little situation and sometimes even cause problems because of our worries.
We let our mood get controlled by our mind, by our worries.
Sometimes we get so cought up in worries that we get sad or desperate and do not know how it ever should get better.

Our generation is influenced by beauty and society ideals which make you worry even more and which make you feel imperfect and not good enough.


That's what we thought about basically all day long.
When we were kids we were worrying about so many things. We were worrying if we could play with our best friend this day. We were worrying if there would be spinach for lunch. We were worrying if we get the toys we wished for on our birthdays.

Lets all go back to those worries we had back then.
Enjoy the little things.
Try to see the positive things in life and try not to be controlled by your worries.
Dont let the worries and insecurities change you as a person.
You are good the way you are!
Do you!
...with all the mistakes.
The problems can wait!!!

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