Samstag, 20. Mai 2017


What is beauty ?

In the year of 2017 there is a clear picture of what the word "beauty" means.
With all the Supermodels and Popstars who are shown in the media, people feel like there are unreachable beauty standarts. You are only beautiful if you are size zero, you are only beautiful if you put alot of make up on, you are only beautiful because of what you wear  and you are only beautiful because of your look.
But there is so much more to the word "beauty" than just the look and even that is not necesarrily beauty.
I personally think, when you go back to the spelling "Love at first sight" the outer appearance takes a place in the word beauty. When you see someone for the first time it kinda is about the look for a little bit because what you see makes you decide if you are interested to get to know the person or not. So you can't really cross the outer appearance out.
But the look just takes in a small amount in the word beauty, at least in my oppinion.
There is so much more that makes someone beautiful.
For me I find someone beautiful who knows what he/she wants, who has a goal in life and who is also confident enough to try and reach that goal and doesn't hide from it. I find someone beautiful who can accept him-/herself, someone who is happy and satisfied. I find someone beautiful who is clever and stands up for him/herself.
But mostly I think you can be beautiful from indside. The inner beauty takes a really big amount of the word "beauty" itself. If someone is a really good and caring person, who is selfless and never tired of helping others, that is for me the most accurate description of the word beauty, even if  you have to know that all of those things in combination define the word beauty for me.

You have no reason to be insecure about yourself and ask youself if you are beautiful. You are beautiful. Beauty comes in so many ways! Try to find your own definition of beauty despite the common beauty standarts.
Don't let our society make you loose your belief in your own beauty.

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